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Space Shuttle from NASA - a Toolwell and JUNG Customer Certified
NASA Supplier
US Naval Aircraft Carrier - The Department of Defence relies on JUNG Rigging equipment from Toolwell Trusted by US
Military in Wartime
Nuclear Power Plants rely on JUNG Machine Skates for moving equipment & Material Relied on for
Nuclear Materials
Off Shore Oil rig where JUNG Toe Jacks from Toolwell are in use Depended on for
Oil & Mining
Safely move loads in material handling environments For Any Size or
Type of Business

Quality Commitment

We understand that our heavy load moving equipment must meet our customer’s needs for reliable load moving & lifting- even after many years of use. Our machine skates and high capacity toe jacks are known for high QUALITY. Clients like NASA and the US Military have found out that not only are our industrial load and machinery moving roller skates and lifting jacks perfectly designed and engineered for each application, but the materials and components are innovative and revolutionary themselves. They are why our machine lift jacks and rigger dollies hold up to the tough demands of modern industry; they are TRUSTED to transport vital heavy loads in any field, varying from a manufacturing machine to nuclear materials. Trust German made JUNG heavy duty material handling supplies for all your mover carts, rigging trolleys and hydraulic jack needs.

Toolwell is the North American manufacturer’s rep for JUNG rigging equipment. Read More »

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